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Come Meet Us: Happier Place Pop-Up Shops

Happier Place Pop-up Shop in Gulfport, Florida

Happier Place pop-up shops have been popping up outside. About time we offered our outdoor products and inspiration OUTDOORS, right? The best part: meeting so many of you! Find out where we’ll be next…

Throughout this spring, we’ve been taking the Happier Place Shop outside. Of course, it seems only natural for an outdoor brand to offer its products and information at outdoor events. But you can’t just go walking out into the woods and hope to run into people who are looking for products to make their happy place better or recipes for margaritas-to-go or other information and photos to inspire outdoor happier-ness.

The more reasonable approach is to join already established open air markets and set up your tent and tables with all your products and information. And that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

Happier Place pocket notebooks, postcards, and greeting card sets with nature photography by Luci Westphal

Nothing has brought us more joy than meeting with people like you – and maybe actually YOU. (Hello again!) We launched Happier Place to inspire people to get happier by having outdoor fun and appreciating nature. Now we actually get to talk directly with people, hand out free stickers, look at nature photos together, and talk about destinations and outdoor activities and so much more. Of course, we’re now finding out about all kinds of cool places and things from the visitors to our Happier Place pop-up shops. It’s fantastic!

Last, but not least, these outdoor markets give customers the opportunity to see and touch our products and see IRL the high quality and usability of our Happier Place merchandise.

Happier Place drinkware, insulated stainless steel bootle, black speckled enamel camping mug, slim can cooler neoprene and burlap cozies, outdoor market

So far, we’ve kept all events pretty local around our headquarters on the Florida Gulfcoast. But who knows, maybe one of these days we’ll pop up near the original Happier Place in Colorado… or the old home base in Brooklyn…

To stay informed about upcoming in-person events, pop-up shops and outdoor markets, we have set up a Happier Place calendar. You can always find the calendar via the Upcoming EVENTS link at the very bottom of this website.

To stay informed about everything Happier Place (online and offline, IRL and virtual), follow us on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram

Nature photography by Luci Westphal in the Happier Place pop-up shop
Atmosphere, conversation pieces and ready to buy and hang in your home: MetalPrints of nature photography by Luci Westphal

Next event (as of this writing) is at the Pinellas Arts Village on May 22, 2021.

Happier Place Pop-Up Shop, Pinellas Arts Village, Pinellas Park, May 22, 2021, great blue heron and vultures

Let’s Inspire Each Other

Do you go to outdoor markets? What do you like about them? Which ones do you recommend? Do you vend yourself? Any tips or experiences you’d like to share?
Did you discover Happier Place through an outdoor event? If so: where did we meet and which stickers did you get?

Please leave a comment below – inspired by these questions or whatever you’d like to share…

Happier Place Pop-up Shop featuring hats, bags and all the outdoor products to make your happy place better

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